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38 weeks pregnant – a new low

Today I achieved a new low, a previously unimagined level of pregnancy-related indignity. It was hot. So hot that I opted to wear a short-ish dress despite the fact that I last shaved my legs three days ago (the time before that is more easily recorded in months). Initially all was fine. My bulk and … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 17 – random rage

One thing I’ve noticed about being pregnant is the random attacks of rage. Most of the time this is harmlessy directed towards my hair, my clothes or the dinner but occasionally the rage escapes in the direction of my husband. A bit like The Monster who takes over my body during particularly nasty bouts of … Continue reading

Pregnancy Week 16 – all better

After suffering through last week as best I could, I then had to go to Paris for the weekend. Normally this would have been excellent but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t shake the nausea! I felt so tired. My Mum and Dad came over to stay with the in laws to celebrate … Continue reading