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More signs of not being pregnant

If I wasn’t sure before, I am now. There’s no way I’m pregnant. Pregnant women are glowing and beautiful. I am spotty and bloated. All those early pregnancy symptoms which resemble “about to come on my period” symptoms are still in play: Bloating Frequent wee-ing Tender breasts Increased appetite Lower abdomen weirdness But now I … Continue reading

Hopes dashed by a thin red line

I know it’s early but I took the plunge and did a pregnancy test this morning. I couldn’t wait!! I bought several packs of those First Response Early Pregnancy tests you can take up to 6 days before your period is due. Today is Thursday 27th, I’m due on around the 31st October but we’ve … Continue reading

Worries and woes

Ahhh how much do I love Chuck this morning. He bought me a cup of tea in bed, bless him! I apologetically explained I’d given up tea and he went back downstairs to make me a herbal one. I bloody love my husband. I haven’t discussed the potential pregnancy with him and it’s SO hard … Continue reading

Discovering forums

Exciting. I discovered Netmums today. I’ve known about them for ages but it never occurred to me to join up and discuss this “is it, isn’t it” pregnancy. Anyway I took the plunge today and discovered there’s loads of girls who are impatiently waiting to take a pregnancy test in November. Everyone has been so … Continue reading

Probably not. Again

Although I know I’m back and forward on this subject, I’ve decided this morning that I’m 98% sure I’m not pregnant and that lingering 2% is down to wishful thinking. My stomach feels pretty much like it always does when my period is on its way. I’m bloating, over-eating and feeling ever so slightly irritable. … Continue reading

It’s a little bit funny…

…this feeling inside! I still don’t know if I’m pregnant and I almost don’t want to say that I think I am just in case I’m imagining it all. Following my last post where I was “sure” there was no pregnancy, I’ve changed my mind following a weekend of reflection. I didn’t have a drink, … Continue reading

Giving up the grog… or not.

Belly goings-on seem to have abated so I’ve decided to allow myself a small glass of Frexinet this evening. I’m not gonna go mad on the drinking but Lucy told me she “knew” she was pregnant and I’m pretty convinced I’m not. I’d like to be but I just don’t think I am in my … Continue reading

Strange goings on

I had dinner with my good friend Lucy Li last night. She had her baby 10 months ago and so I consider her an expert in all things natal. I asked her whether she “knew” she was pregnant before she did a test. Like many women Lucy experienced a feeling in her belly that she … Continue reading

How do I get pregnant?

As I mentioned I’m embarking on a mission to get pregnant. I’ve been married for two months and we always said we’d get cracking straight after the marriage. Naturally I’m asking myself “how do I get pregnant?” even though I’ve obviously got the gist 😉 So how do I get pregnant? I stopped taking the … Continue reading