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Pregnancy week 22: twinges and shimmers

I can’t really describe this weird feeling I’m getting at the moment. Basically there’s this new roll of fat above my bump and under my boobs and now and again I get this odd shimmery, twingey feeling – like a fast fluttering in just one little area or another on this new roll. It’s so … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 21 – round ligament pains

I had nasty cramps running over my bump and from the inside. I wasn’t scared about it because I’ve already come across this quirk of pregnancy. They’re round ligament pains – they happen because as the Grapefruit grows my uterus is making room by stretching and remodelling my ligaments. Naturally that is a fairly painful … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 21 – new threads

It’s so important to keep a sense of yourself when your pregnant. In the first trimester I felt so shoddy I couldn’t be bothered to do my make up and none of my clothes fit me. It was horrible. I’ve rarely had such a crisis in style and self esteem. Pathetic really! I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 20 – it’s a…

It’s the end of pregnancy week 20. It’s been a good week! It’s the half way point!!! Only another 18 to 22 weeks to go. On Monday we had our 20-week scan at Chelsea and Westminster hospital. I’ve been 100% convinced that I was carrying a boy. I’ve no idea why. Just a feeling. Maybe … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 19 – HypnoBirthing

It’s the end of week 19 and I’m exhausted! One because I stayed up until 2am last night partying – loads of fun! Two because it’s Fashion Week and that means 10-11 hour days of non-stop work all weekend!!!! As I can’t be on my feet all day, I’ve been managing the back office stuff. … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 19 – loving it

Ok, I protested and protested. I hated this pregnancy lark for the best part of five months but now I’ve finally grown to love it. I’m proud of the bump. I love the feeling of the Grapefruit fluttering about inside me like a butterfly or a Mexican Jumping Bean. You almost feel like you’ve imagined … Continue reading