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The best vegetarian sausage rolls ever

Forget Sosmix (not even sure they still sell it) and other “alternatives”, by far the best vegetarian sausage rolls recipe I’ve ever come across is courtesy of Delia Smith’s Christmas. The queen of home cooking includes a recipe in her vegetarian section but it’s sooooo much more than a vegetarian sausage roll! It’s little pieces … Continue reading

Easy chicken soup

Easy chicken soup recipe I sometimes shop at the butchers because I like supporting the local businesses and the quality of meat is so much better. I bought a whole chicken and had it cut into 8 (breasts, thighs, legs, wings) – this is a lot cheaper than buying all the bits separately and makes … Continue reading

Easy Chicken & Bacon Roulade Recipe

Perfect Food: Sunday Dinner Roulade is one of those dishes which looks super impressive but is actually pretty easy. And it’s unbelievably tasty and versitile. You can make whatever filling you want and it’ll be delicious. Easy chicken & bacon roulade recipe Serves 2-4 Prep: 30mins Cooking: 30mins Ingredients Thick white sauce (large knob of … Continue reading