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Pregnancy week 5 – Girl, interrupted

It’s 2.30am and I’m awake with an overwhelming need to wee. Yesterday it was 3am and after that I just couldn’t settle, I have a feeling the same thing will happen tonight. I actually went to bed earlier this evening to see if I could claw back some sleep from the weekends deficit. I was asleep … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 5 – Queasy

Euuuugh. Not loving this. I feel sick – I’ve felt sick all fricking day and that’s early for morning sickness – the doctor thought it might be shock. Most of the time morning sickness doesn’t arrive until week 7 or 8. The NHS Direct nurse said it was a good sign because it means the … Continue reading


Oh my f-ing God!!! I’m pregnant. This morning I decided to do another pregnancy test as I’m 2 days late and I thought I’d reconfirm. Literally the second I peed on the stick two lines appeared. I started shaking, went downstairs and called Chuck and 5 minutes later we were starring at each other – … Continue reading