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Labour – The calm before the storm?

Two hours since my last post and things have calmed down a bit. It’s now about ten minutes between contractions and they’re a bit milder. I get the odd whopper but, all in all, things are slowing. The midwife had said this could happen so I’m not unduly surprised. Chuck is watching Manga in bed, … Continue reading

Labour – It might actually be happening!

After having convinced myself, Chuck and his sister that I’ve ┬ájust been experiencing practice contractions since 8pm this evening, I’ve had to concede that actually I’m probably now in proper labour (and yep, still finding it┬ábearable enough to write my blog). I’m getting what feel like really viscous period pains every five to six minutes … Continue reading

39 weeks pregnant – Braxton Hicks

Well after all that whinging on about wanting to go into labour yesterday, I thought I’d got my wish last night. About 8pm I felt what I can only describe as a strong contraction in my lower abdomen which built up in intensity over about 45 seconds and “flowed” round to my back before disappearing. … Continue reading