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Labour stage 1 – a new day dawns

Quick progress update seeing as I’m still at home and dawn made it’s soggy, grey entrance an hour or so ago… maybe more. Mercifully I’m losing some sense of time. This has seemed by far the quickest virtually sleepless night I’ve ever had. Just parted ways with the Lamb Madras I had earlier (and that … Continue reading

Labour – stage 1

Just thought I’d do another quick update. Might as well when you’re awake at 3.30am. I managed to sleep for about an hour and then a contraction woke me up and sent me scuttling for the loo. They might be very spaced out at the moment but the intensity has certainly ramped up. I seem … Continue reading

Labour – The calm before the storm?

Two hours since my last post and things have calmed down a bit. It’s now about ten minutes between contractions and they’re a bit milder. I get the odd whopper but, all in all, things are slowing. The midwife had said this could happen so I’m not unduly surprised. Chuck is watching Manga in bed, … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 19 – HypnoBirthing

It’s the end of week 19 and I’m exhausted! One because I stayed up until 2am last night partying – loads of fun! Two because it’s Fashion Week and that means 10-11 hour days of non-stop work all weekend!!!! As I can’t be on my feet all day, I’ve been managing the back office stuff. … Continue reading