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More signs of not being pregnant

If I wasn’t sure before, I am now. There’s no way I’m pregnant. Pregnant women are glowing and beautiful. I am spotty and bloated. All those early pregnancy symptoms which resemble “about to come on my period” symptoms are still in play: Bloating Frequent wee-ing Tender breasts Increased appetite Lower abdomen weirdness But now I … Continue reading

Hopes dashed by a thin red line

I know it’s early but I took the plunge and did a pregnancy test this morning. I couldn’t wait!! I bought several packs of those First Response Early Pregnancy tests you can take up to 6 days before your period is due. Today is Thursday 27th, I’m due on around the 31st October but we’ve … Continue reading

Worries and woes

Ahhh how much do I love Chuck this morning. He bought me a cup of tea in bed, bless him! I apologetically explained I’d given up tea and he went back downstairs to make me a herbal one. I bloody love my husband. I haven’t discussed the potential pregnancy with him and it’s SO hard … Continue reading

It’s a little bit funny…

…this feeling inside! I still don’t know if I’m pregnant and I almost don’t want to say that I think I am just in case I’m imagining it all. Following my last post where I was “sure” there was no pregnancy, I’ve changed my mind following a weekend of reflection. I didn’t have a drink, … Continue reading

How do I get pregnant?

As I mentioned I’m embarking on a mission to get pregnant. I’ve been married for two months and we always said we’d get cracking straight after the marriage. Naturally I’m asking myself “how do I get pregnant?” even though I’ve obviously got the gist 😉 So how do I get pregnant? I stopped taking the … Continue reading