Here’s a conversation I never thought I’d have with myself. “It’s 3am! Go to sleep” “I know but I’m worrying. I can’t stop thinking!!” “What are you worrying about” “We had sex last night!!” “No we didn’t!” “No! Chuck and me!!” “Oh. Yeah and… Good for you! Do you want a medal?!” “Well now I … Continue reading

Lie ins are the holy grail of parenting

9.16am still in bed. I did, to be fair, get up at 8am to feed the irritating cat mewing piteously outside my bedroom door this morning and consequently had to retrieve the excited toddler who heard me telling the cat to F off (in slightly more family-friendly language)… But I’m back in bed now and … Continue reading

Jet lagged toddler

Unfortunately Chuck’s work trip is more of a pan-Asian tour so I’m actually spending most of the Singapore trip (6/10 days) alone with Thea. Eeeeeek! After landing at Changi I took a cab to our hotel – dragging my luggage, carrying a backpack, a toddler wrapped around my waist and clamped in place by my … Continue reading

Long-haul Flying with a toddler!

16 hours – that’s how long it took me and The Choune (aka Thea, the 21-month old terror tot) to get from London Heathrow to Singapore Changi. We went via Frankfurt because it was the cheapest option but unfortunately our Luthansa connection from FRA to SIN was cancelled due to some selfish-bastard pilot strike so … Continue reading

On hold

So after announcing it wasn’t my month, it really wasn’t my month and it’s made me re-think the baby plan. I don’t think I want to be trapped in pregnancy hell while living in Asia! I want the Tropical beach holidays, meeting new people, gorgeous food, and I want to enjoy all that without knowing … Continue reading

Not my month

As predicted it was not my month. The reds arrived and although I was expecting it, it also came as a bit of a shock. I didn’t feel pregnant but I hadn’t given it a lot of thought this month – I mean we did it around the right time again so I could have … Continue reading


I’m so grumpy, I’ve been like a bear with a sore head all week and this morning I have tummy cramps. Well, this is clearly not my month. Feel slightly relieved and a bit gutted.

X Rays and sunshine

The sun came out today. After the wettest winter since records began the sun finally came out and properly shined. Some jokers on FB shared photos of it with captions like “UFO spotted” and “anyone know what this is?” Ho ho ho, it never gets old… Unfortunately I didn’t really get to enjoy it cause … Continue reading

On goes the low-level nausea

Feel sick… All the time. There’s literally no escape. I am now actively hoping to not be pregnant as I don’t think I want months and months of this!! Why do we forget?!!!