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Nothing… absolutely nothing

So nothing is going on. There is absolutely nothing. Not even a tiny inkling. To be fair I realised I had made something of a school-girl error in predicting my due on date so in actual fact I’m not due until THIS weekend… maybe even Monday as I’m not exactly clockwork. And the thing is … Continue reading

The best guess

Ok, I’m putting it out there… Today, I thought I felt pregnant. Now that I’m typing it out for all to see I’m not sure again. I’m sure this has more to do with not wanting to look silly or be too disappointed if it turns out I’m not. I probably won’t be now I’ve … Continue reading

Snowboarding a bit

Oh I’ve missed this. I love the feeling of flying down the snowy slopes feeling completely in control of my board. Unfortunately I only have three days of this when my bruised knee gives in and I’m forced to take a day off. I guess it’s not that bad as I intended to have a … Continue reading


Oh my f-ing God!!! I’m pregnant. This morning I decided to do another pregnancy test as I’m 2 days late and I thought I’d reconfirm. Literally the second I peed on the stick two lines appeared. I started shaking, went downstairs and called Chuck and 5 minutes later we were starring at each other – … Continue reading


I’m almost 99.9% sure that I’m not pregnant which is why my pledge to not drink at our Halloween party went out the window. “I’ll just have one little glass of rose” quickly became “I better just finish this bottle and then I’ll have a vodka”. Our Goths and Geeks party was epically good! Everyone … Continue reading

More signs of not being pregnant

If I wasn’t sure before, I am now. There’s no way I’m pregnant. Pregnant women are glowing and beautiful. I am spotty and bloated. All those early pregnancy symptoms which resemble “about to come on my period” symptoms are still in play: Bloating Frequent wee-ing Tender breasts Increased appetite Lower abdomen weirdness But now I … Continue reading

Hopes dashed by a thin red line

I know it’s early but I took the plunge and did a pregnancy test this morning. I couldn’t wait!! I bought several packs of those First Response Early Pregnancy tests you can take up to 6 days before your period is due. Today is Thursday 27th, I’m due on around the 31st October but we’ve … Continue reading

Pregnancy tests

Boots are doing 2 for 1 on pregnancy tests (thanks for the tip Mumsnetters) so I’ve brought two packs of those 6 days before you’re due on ones… Scary! Will test Saturday morning if I can wait!

Worries and woes

Ahhh how much do I love Chuck this morning. He bought me a cup of tea in bed, bless him! I apologetically explained I’d given up tea and he went back downstairs to make me a herbal one. I bloody love my husband. I haven’t discussed the potential pregnancy with him and it’s SO hard … Continue reading

Discovering forums

Exciting. I discovered Netmums today. I’ve known about them for ages but it never occurred to me to join up and discuss this “is it, isn’t it” pregnancy. Anyway I took the plunge today and discovered there’s loads of girls who are impatiently waiting to take a pregnancy test in November. Everyone has been so … Continue reading