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5 and a half months: sleep issues

I naively assumed that we’d cracked sleep and that from now on night wakings would be rare and only if, say, jet lag or illness was involved. Unfortunately I had failed to factor in the more or less permanent winter cold that babies with virtually no immunity suffer from AND the increased hunger that comes … Continue reading

5 month old: getting to sleep

I really thought we’d cracked sleep. Thea’s been “sleeping through” since she was about 3 months – and, just so we’re on the same page, by that I mean 6.30pm to 10.30pm when we wake her food a feed then 11pm to 7am. That was good. Still is good but I have noticed that she … Continue reading

5 months: Mastering rolling

Thea is 5 months old and she’s just mastering the art of rolling. At 3.5 months she did her first back-to-front roll – she performed this trick three times at that day, twice the next day and then we didn’t see it again. She made cursory attempts at the back-to-front roll but never really got … Continue reading

Norovirus – baby with vomiting virus

Ohhhh heartbreaking, my poor little Thea got Norovirus this week. It was Monday afternoon and she had been unusually crabby and whiny all day. I thought it might be the remnants of jet lag as we only arrived home from Japan the Sunday before last but it she was just getting more and more fretful. … Continue reading

4 months: Centre Parcs

The first thing anyone says to you when you say you’re going to Center Parcs is “Ohhhh you have to pay for everything though” – now, I don’t know if I’m just not doing holidays correctly but I’m yet to go on a trip where everything I’d ever want to do is included in the … Continue reading

Japan with a baby

So Thea has been on her very first long haul holiday. Chuck and I took her to Tokyo! 12 hours in Virgin Atlantic economy with a 4 and a half month old baby might sound horrific but Thea was in incredible. She slept quite a lot and smiled and coo-ed the rest of the time. … Continue reading

Grabbing and other baby milestones have a very useful baby development chart which tracks what “most” children are doing as the months go by, what “some” kids do and also what “a few” (presumably gifted) babies can do. This is all very well but, despite them stressing that it’s just a guide and your baby will do things in … Continue reading

Rolling over

We went to our local Hartbeeps class today. It’s lovely, all-singing, all-dancing, mother & baby session held, a little bizarrely, in a pub. The format’s really nice – we all sit in a circle with our babies in front of us on a rug and some fleece mats and we sing at them, move them … Continue reading

Baby sleeping in own room

Another catchy title… Baby sleeping in own room. Why do I do it? It’s so people who are searching for info on this might find the post on one of the search engines and read it 🙂 If that’s what you’ve done and you found yourself here, hi and thanks for stopping by. Ok so … Continue reading