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Pregnancy week 8 – full of cold

I feel horrendous. The cold I thought I’d deftly avoided with two days in bed has reappeared with vengeance. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and I feel like the opposite of a healthy, glowing, nurturing mother. I feel like the embodiment of death and decay. I’m writing this on my phone, curled up in a fleece … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 8 – hating it

Being eight weeks pregnant hasn’t endeared me to the process. I’m utterly hating it. I hate feeling nauseous all the time. There has been hardly a moment in the past six weeks where I haven’t felt sick and uncomfortable. And now to top it off I’ve come over all emotional. I can’t sleep and that … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 7 – a tiny bit better

I’m 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant and the lentil has become a blueberry. It’s got flippers for feet and hands and it’s eyes and ears are getting more defined. Apparently the Blueberry is growing an umbilical cord too. I’m quite surprised at this because I would have thought it would need that straight away. … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 6 – awful!!

Hi all, I am ever so sorry for the non-update of Eat Cake Love Life. Basically it’s pregnancy week 6 and I’ve been feeling too wretched to write. Literally all I’ve been doing is dealing with a huge work load at my job and going to bed. I’ve even abandoned my normal wifely duties of … Continue reading

Bra fitting when pregnant

Exciting news. I am NOT a 34AA afterall. Yesterday I went to Rigby and Peller – only the Queen’s corsetier! – at Westfield, London and indulged in a free bra fitting. They are amazing! You take your top off and the girls look at your boobs and your back and your sides and know by … Continue reading

6 weeks pregnant – Paranoia

“Lentil” as the little one is now known is making my life hard! I’m not feeling the constant nausea and I HATE the lying. Last night we went to Chuck’s cousin’s house for dinner and I told everyone I was on antibiotics because of an ear infection It’s awful to say things like that. I … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 6 – All day sickness

According to the pregnancy apps on my phone I am six weeks pregnant! Half way through my first trimester. I feel sick. All day. Fortunately I haven’t been sick but constant nausea seems to be something I’m stuck with. Nothing helps relieve it but certain things make it worse. I have a superhero style sense … Continue reading