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Lost comforter

The worst thing has happened. We have lost Moo Moo. Thea had him in the buggy while we shopped at Carfour and now he’s gone. To be fair, she has been known to jet him from the pushchair at random intervals – when she’s tired they have something of a love hate relationship. We only … Continue reading

How much do baby shoes cost?!

So last week I went on a shoe-buying spree for Thea. I thought I’d go into Clarks, get something suitable and, given that she’ll have outgrown them in a month, that it wouldn’t cost too much. Naive! I was horrified by the price of baby shoes! They’re upwards of £15 a pair!! And that’s not … Continue reading

15 months – Walking

I have an incredibly grumpy baby. Previously I put it down to us moving house and her feeling unsettled but my latest excuse is that she’s frustrated by her walking skill. In short, she’s not very good. Bless her though, she’s trying… Sporadically. Most of the time she prefers to crawl or stand up and … Continue reading

Baby head injury – lost consciousness!!

Honestly, it seems like every time I update my blog at the moment it’s because of some potentially life threatening A&E visit. Yesterday was probably the single scariest day in my whole life. Enough of a shock to the system that I am awake at 3am trying to “write it out” because my minds been … Continue reading

baby pneumonia

Baby Pneumonia So it turns out The Chub actually had baby pneumonia!!! I only found this out as our doctor casually let it slip in our follow up appointment three days after our night in A&E. Thea had been sent to A&E after her cold/flu symptoms got worse – fever, chesty cough, very unwell, total … Continue reading

Baby Flu

So after our initial visit to the doctors Thea seemed a little better. She spent Tuesday at her childminders, still stuffy and refusing to eat but certainly more cheerful than before. Then on Wednesday she nose dived! She woke up sobbing and boiling hot and refused to be put down. I thought she’d get better … Continue reading

Baby Malaria

We’ve had a bit of an ordeal here since coming back from Vietnam. We spent five days in Ho Chi Minh City after our idyllic eleven days in Thailand and it was tiring! We were there for a wedding so it was hardly a leisurely time – Viet weddings are hardcore and this one was … Continue reading

Koh Phangan with a baby (II)

When we arrived on Koh Phangan I didn’t think I liked it as much as Koh Tao. The problem was that the weather was warm but grey and overcast. The island is bigger than Koh Tao but seems to have the same amount if stuff and people just more spread out. This might sound like … Continue reading

Koh Phangan with a baby

We’re in Koh Phangnan! Fortunately we missed the full moon party by a couple of days so the island is nice and quiet. Perfect for boring parents like me and Chuck. I’ll tell you more about Koh Phangan but first a little about a trip over from Koh Tao. Or if you don’t care you … Continue reading

Koh Tao with a baby – Top Tips

Ok, so I’ve been here all of three days so I’d hardly say I am an expert on being on Koh Tao with a baby but I thought I’d put my thoughts down for anyone considering it. Koh Tao with a Baby – Chalok bay is baby friendly but best in the mornings! There is … Continue reading