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Bumped baby’s forehead

Oh. My. God!! Had an absolutely awful mummy moment today. I was bathing Thea and she was practicing standing up. She loves to do this, I think she enjoys plopping down onto her bottom in the water. Today, she picked one foot up as if to step, reached out for me wanting the milk I’d … Continue reading

MMR jabs

Dooooooom! Today was Thea’s MMR jab. We went a few weeks back because we’re all going to Thailand and Vietnam and we wanted to make sure The Chop had all the vaccines and immunisation that she needed but in ended up being Chuck and I who got booster jabs. Thea wasn’t allowed her MMR until … Continue reading

Teething pain

The poor little chub! She’s having horrible trouble with her new dents. At least I think that’s it? In the early days you blame literally every ache, pain, whinge or weirdness on a “growth spurt”. When that excuse runs out, around 9-10months, you look to teething for your one-size fits all scapegoat for all that … Continue reading

One Year Old!

Thea is one!! The tiny chub has made it 12 whole months and is fast on her way to becoming a toddler. I actually can’t believe it. On the one hand it’s flown by, like seriously, where on earth has this last year gone? I feel like it was yesterday that I was eating a … Continue reading

11 months: so much has changed

To say that it’s been a while since my last post is something of an understatement!! It’s been five months since I last wrote. My darling girl has been through quite a number if changes since she hit the six month mark back in January. At 7-months or so Thea got really active, commando crawling … Continue reading

6 and a half months old: rolling

Thea has decided that rolling over is the new lying flat on her back. It’s her activity of choice and is usually accompanied by high pitch screams and squeals. She’s discovered volume and pitch… It’s not pretty. My daughter has a way to go before she’s challenging Mariah or Beyonce but she can certainly reach … Continue reading

6 months old: 1st stage weaning

So weaning is well under way. I was working my way through root veg but I thought I’d take a detour and try avocado today! Weaning is a weird one. It makes all mums, no matter how faithfully they followed previous advice and routines, go completely on instinct. Some of my friends have been weaning … Continue reading

6 month old: Xmas & New Years Eve

8.37am on January 1st 2013… I’m awake listening to the little one babble and sing at the top of her lungs. I’m knackered but at least I don’t have a hangover! We took Thea to two NYE bashes last night. One in Islington and one in Greenford. She basically slept through both. She’s been awesome … Continue reading

5 and a half months: sleep issues

I naively assumed that we’d cracked sleep and that from now on night wakings would be rare and only if, say, jet lag or illness was involved. Unfortunately I had failed to factor in the more or less permanent winter cold that babies with virtually no immunity suffer from AND the increased hunger that comes … Continue reading

5 month old: getting to sleep

I really thought we’d cracked sleep. Thea’s been “sleeping through” since she was about 3 months – and, just so we’re on the same page, by that I mean 6.30pm to 10.30pm when we wake her food a feed then 11pm to 7am. That was good. Still is good but I have noticed that she … Continue reading