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39 weeks pregnant – Braxton Hicks

Well after all that whinging on about wanting to go into labour yesterday, I thought I’d got my wish last night. About 8pm I felt what I can only describe as a strong contraction in my lower abdomen which built up in intensity over about 45 seconds and “flowed” round to my back before disappearing. … Continue reading

38 weeks pregnant – can’t sleep

In the final weeks of pregnancy everyone and their wife tells you to “gets lots of sleep while you still can”. If only. For no apparent reason I ping awake at around 5am every day and there is no going back to sleep afterwards. I am fully awake. Normally I will lie in bed listening … Continue reading

38 weeks pregnant – a new low

Today I achieved a new low, a previously unimagined level of pregnancy-related indignity. It was hot. So hot that I opted to wear a short-ish dress despite the fact that I last shaved my legs three days ago (the time before that is more easily recorded in months). Initially all was fine. My bulk and … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 38 – contractions

I really thought the Melon was going to arrive last night. I experienced a new and uncomfortable sensation in my lower abdomen which felt a lot like period pain – it was that dull ache you get around the time of the month that sort of grows until you go “ohhhh god that hurts” and … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 36 – baby shower

I got more into my maternity leave this week – I did loads of things like “life admin” i.e. Sorting out my ISA and sending off eBay sales (woo!) I managed to pack my days full so I didn’t get bored, I’d rather be busy anyway. Sitting on the couch is just not comfortable at … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 34 – Final week of work

Final week(ish) of work!!!! I finished on Wednesday because we set off for Scarborough for my cousin’s wedding Thursday night. It feels weird but to be honest it’s quite hard to know if it feels different to a holiday just yet… With the UK having a four day weekend thanks to the Diamond Jubilee anyway … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 33 – Meeting a newborn

Weirdly, I don’t think I’ve ever been around a newborn before!! This weekend I went to visit my friend Isabel, my bridesmaid who was five weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy. Isabel popped two weeks early (at just 38 weeks) and was in labour for FOUR DAYS!!! I did not know this could happen. … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 32 – ouch!

costochondritis – my new word for the week. It’s what I think this rib pain is all about. Admittedly this is a classic case of Internet self-diagnosis but I found it on a forum with hundreds of other pregnant chicks complaining about the exact same symptoms I’ve had. Sharp, stabby rib pain. Usually localised to … Continue reading