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Pregnancy week 26 – Babymoon

I decided ages ago that we needed a Babymoon. A short break, just me and Chuck, before the baby arrives. I picked Corfu as I figured it was south enough to be fairly warm but only three hours flying time away. I managed to find a ridiculously cheap deal on Teletext and even though it … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 24 – Alien

I’ve only seen something like this once before… on Alien. When the thing bursts forth from Sigourney Weaver’s belly. My daughter has developed enough strength in her little fists and feet to make tiny portions of my stomach jump from the outside. I’m told that in a few weeks I’ll be able to discern exactly … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 22: twinges and shimmers

I can’t really describe this weird feeling I’m getting at the moment. Basically there’s this new roll of fat above my bump and under my boobs and now and again I get this odd shimmery, twingey feeling – like a fast fluttering in just one little area or another on this new roll. It’s so … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 21 – round ligament pains

I had nasty cramps running over my bump and from the inside. I wasn’t scared about it because I’ve already come across this quirk of pregnancy. They’re round ligament pains – they happen because as the Grapefruit grows my uterus is making room by stretching and remodelling my ligaments. Naturally that is a fairly painful … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 21 – new threads

It’s so important to keep a sense of yourself when your pregnant. In the first trimester I felt so shoddy I couldn’t be bothered to do my make up and none of my clothes fit me. It was horrible. I’ve rarely had such a crisis in style and self esteem. Pathetic really! I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 20 – it’s a…

It’s the end of pregnancy week 20. It’s been a good week! It’s the half way point!!! Only another 18 to 22 weeks to go. On Monday we had our 20-week scan at Chelsea and Westminster hospital. I’ve been 100% convinced that I was carrying a boy. I’ve no idea why. Just a feeling. Maybe … Continue reading

Pregnancy week 19 – HypnoBirthing

It’s the end of week 19 and I’m exhausted! One because I stayed up until 2am last night partying – loads of fun! Two because it’s Fashion Week and that means 10-11 hour days of non-stop work all weekend!!!! As I can’t be on my feet all day, I’ve been managing the back office stuff. … Continue reading