Oh crap!

Another year has almost gone by and I’ve not found five minutes to write a blog post on the ol’ Cake.

My life has become so unrelatabe I’m not sure why I really bother with my “every mum” blog – I mean technically, yes, there’s no difference between me an any other mum but how many other mums do you think live in a shared house in a billionaires enclave of the Bay Area with their two children in a make-shift bedroom made out of the walk-in closet? 

No judging please we’re not talking Harry Potter! The walk-in closet is bigger than many a London-sized second bedroom… But yes technically I keep my children in a cupboard. 

This isn’t even the first time. This is Thea’s third wardrobe-cum-bedroom and it probably won’t be the last. Wardrobes make surprisingly excellent temporary bedrooms for kids – there’s a general lack of light (good for deep sleep and brain development allegedly), they tend to be cool in the summer and easily warmed in winter and they’re too small to be full of distractions and toys. 

I’ve got dreams of creating a kind of two-tier “bedrobe” that will house the children’s bunk beds in the future. You’ll slide the doors and reveal the beds and tuck them away during the day… There’s a chance I’ve been watching too many episodes of Amazing Spaces.

Anyway that’s for later. For now the closet of our bedroom is the perfect place for them and the house we share with a Swiss lawyer, a Chinese researcher and her twelve year old son and a Ukrainian pharmaceutical project manager and her enormous macaw, is actually incredibly harmonious, all things considered (don’t worry, it’s a big house…)

If you’re thinking something along the lines of “what the fuck?! Shared house? Kids? Macaw?!!!” Then I don’t blame you. As I said, it’s not relatable to anyone.

But if you’re thinking “how? Why? Who the hell is this chick and her crazy family” then good, stick around. I’m going to tell all…


Not right now though. It’s 10pm and I’ve only got three hours before Jacques starts his nightly campaign of sleep robbery and Thea decides whether or not to wet her bed… Or just wait a bit and wee in mine instead. 

Ahh babies & toddlers – it’s non stop glamour. 


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