Catching up

sooo… It’s been a wee while since I last posted. 

A year actually. 

Thea has turned into a three-nager and now attends a local preschool in Berkshire.

Yes, we are back in the UK. The MBA year is complete and it did indeed change our lives

In brief, I got pregnant again and by December we had moved from Singapore to Fontainebleau  which we utterly loved.

We settled into a beautiful ground floor apartment on Rue De France when we arrived and then moved to a second floor duplex on rue de Merry which we loved even more – it was light, airy and homely.

Thea went to a French childminder full time and became completely fluent. She has developed a love of bouldering in Fontainebleau forest.

Several of our new INSEAD friends we met in Singapore moved with us to complete the year on the French campus so we enjoyed being part of a really close knit community there. It was delightful.

I even employed one of the girlfriends as my vastly over-qualified admin assistant! It was awesome!!

Then in May, Jacques arrived. His entry into this world was dramatic, he was born in one of only eight birthing pools in France, in a little place called Pithiviers, just half an hour after we arrived at hospital.

My INSEAD friends drove me there and Chuck missed the whole thing as he was in Ireland being interviewed for a Microsoft position (he did get the job -even unknowingly joking with his interviewer that I may even be in labour then -but didn’t end up taking it).

Fortunately Chuck arrived home that evening and met baby Jacques (known as Jack) a few hours later. He was an awesome peaceful baby and still is 4-months later.

So after graduation we all moved back to the UK and Chuck left for the Silicon Valley having snagged an awesome job out there. The kids and I are living at my parents house until January when we’ll join Chuck before returning in August so Thea can start school.

So there you go… All caught up!


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