Off the hook!

Well after another rubbish month of convincing myself I was pregnant, I’m happy(ish) to report that I am not.

The Reds arrived this morning (me thinking – oh this will be implantation bleeding) and, as is always the way, has got steadily worse as the day has worn on… It’s most definitely not implantation bleeding – it’s the very opposite.

I’m a day late according to Fertility Friend so I’m starting my temp chart back up again with renewed vigour. I can’t be doing with this “am I aren’t I” crap every month.

I’m so grumpy right now.

It’s not like I wanted to be pregnant because I’d rather wait till things aren’t so mental but I wanted to be right. I’d like to have that self assurance and inner knowledge that I’m pregnant when I actually am. Other women feel pregnant, say they “just knew”. Me? I always think I’m pregnant and then I’m not. The minute I’m sure I’m not – I bloody am!!!

I clearly have malfunctioning feminine intuition.


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