Nothing… absolutely nothing

So nothing is going on. There is absolutely nothing. Not even a tiny inkling.

To be fair I realised I had made something of a school-girl error in predicting my due on date so in actual fact I’m not due until THIS weekend… maybe even Monday as I’m not exactly clockwork.

And the thing is there’s no symptoms of a potential pregnancy… but then why would there be? If I messed up my due date calculation you can put money on the fact that I’m unlikely to have got my ovulation date correct either. Normally I take my temperature every morning, so I can be pretty certain about these things, but I’ve forgotten – for four weeks in a row!

So basically, it seems like we’re off the hook on the basis that we did not do it in the danger zone, so to speak.

That, and the fact that nothing is going on.

No symptoms. No sickness. No tenderness.

I re-read my blogs from the early days when I didn’t know if I was pregnant just to make sure and if that’s anything to go by (it is) then there’s nothing to be worried about.

Last time I had:

  • Spots – currently skin is pretty much clear
  • Tender breasts – the ladies are chilling, nothing untoward there
  • Aversion to alcohol – I did turn down a glass tonight, but that’s cause I drank half a bottle yesterday
  • Constant weeing – maybe a touch more regular but I’ve been trying to up my water intake
  • Hyper-aware of my body – no clumsy as ever!
  • Ravenous appetite – errr… yeah, but that’s been a given since Thea was a collection of cells!
  • Bloated – no, just outright overweight right now.
  • Slightly irritability – yes but there’s a lot on right now.

The “I wonder…” non-symptom that’s begun to bother me is that, literally 5-minutes before I sat down to write this post, I was thinking – “I don’t even have that funny feeling in my abdomen. I feel absolutely nothing”.

And then between the bathroom and the bed, I felt it. In my early posts I referred to “something funny going on in my lower abdomen” and later as a “funny heavy, sometimes uncomfortable feeling in my lower abdomen”.

Today I would describe it as sort of like being poked in the belly but on the inside. It’s an odd sensation and not like food poisoning or gas. Although with my luck it’ll probably be a bit of both! Damn you Aldi Pork medallions!

Anyway, that in itself is not unusual. I’m always bloody sick. But that reminds me… For the last few months I’ve had a bout of nausea in the week or so before my Reds put in their monthly appearance. I put it down to hormones but maybe the lack of it is significant.

But probably not. There’s no way I’m pregnant. I’m worrying for nothing. I’m going to need a new blog subject – I can hardly write about waiting for my period every month!!



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