Damn it

Didn’t listen to my inner 3am voice of Doom. Didn’t get a morning after pill. Didn’t think I’d still be harbouring secret terrors of being pregnant again.

We want another baby no question. I even thought over the weekend how much Thea would benefit from a sibling. If one was to put in an early appearance they’d be greeted with Joy and happiness. But…

It would be much better if I didn’t get pregnant until after the MBA. Now just isn’t great – there’s so much to do and I don’t want to be a nauseous exhausted mess for this ridiculously busy period.

This is exactly like being a teenager again when you thought you were pregnant literally every time you had sex even though you were on the pill and you used a condom!! Oh the pointless days I lost worrying over imaginary pregnancy! If only I’d known how hard it is to actually get pregnant maybe I would have worried less.

Not that it’s helping me now!

It’s still going on now I’m 33 years old! I even thought my boobs looked different tonight. And I’ve got that weird bubbly feeling in my lower abdomen again.

Due on tomorrow and this month I haven’t had the vomiting/cramps I normally get before I’m due on. In fact I feel pretty much normal. That’s weird in itself.

No it isn’t!! It’s not weird. I’m
Not pregnant. It’s all going to be fine.



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