Here’s a conversation I never thought I’d have with myself.

“It’s 3am! Go to sleep”
“I know but I’m worrying. I can’t stop thinking!!”
“What are you worrying about”
“We had sex last night!!”
“No we didn’t!”
“No! Chuck and me!!”
“Oh. Yeah and… Good for you! Do you want a medal?!”
“Well now I think I might be pregnant”
“Didn’t you take precautions?”
“I thought you wanted to be pregnant”
“We changed our minds. It would actually pretty much suck to be pregnant now”
“Oh. So what now?”
“That’s what I’m thinking about. Should I get the morning after pill?”
“Isn’t it no longer free now you’re all old and stuff?”
“I don’t know actually? I was just thinking of getting it from Boots”
“Your probably not pregnant”
“I know but even if it’s a small chance I don’t know if I should take the risk”
“So take the pill.”
“I feel guilty!!”
“I dunno…”

So there we are. Round and round at 3am.

Gonna try and sleep on it and see what I think in the morning.


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