Lie ins are the holy grail of parenting

9.16am still in bed. I did, to be fair, get up at 8am to feed the irritating cat mewing piteously outside my bedroom door this morning and consequently had to retrieve the excited toddler who heard me telling the cat to F off (in slightly more family-friendly language)… But I’m back in bed now and 8am definitely qualifies as a lie in in my world.

It’s Easter Saturday and we’re staying at my parents house – my sister kindly offered to take Thea yesterday. She picked her up after lunch and drove her to “Gagai’s” house (Grandma in Thea talk) and Chuck and I were going to have a date night.

Then we remembered that we’re poverty stricken students and can’t afford date nights so instead we went for a walk in Richmond Park (there’s free parking down near Ham House which is convenient and makes for a lovely stroll by the river before hitting the park).

It was lovely. We picked up a few Maids of Honour cakes – thank you Jamie Oliver for that recommendation – and ate them overlooking the city from the “comfort” of a fallen tree.

And then we decided we might as well follow the Choune to Gagai’s. Sure it would have been nice to not wake up to the tune of “Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. MUMmy. MUMmy. MUMMY. MUMMY. MUMMY. MUUUUUUMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE” but on the plus side all the family are here so I can sloop off back to bed leaving her to play with Gagai, Gramma, Aunty Lili and Aunty Jane and all it’s cost me is a nappy change and a lovely cuddle.

Ok I’m not asleep but I’m listening to the sounds of my daughter playing with my family while reading, sipping tea and playing the odd game of Candy Crush (I know!!). And I don’t feel guilty at all… Ok I do a bit. She is my responsibility after all but her constant demands and life narration are charming if your not with her 24/7 so my family are lapping it up.

I’d love a lie in but when you wake up at 7am without fail for long enough it just becomes habit and unless you apply enough wine you’ll still wake up at the crack of dawn imagining the sound of your little dictator demanding your immediate attention!

So this is actually awesome.

And on that note… Back to Candy Crush, I mean reading!


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