On hold

So after announcing it wasn’t my month, it really wasn’t my month and it’s made me re-think the baby plan.

I don’t think I want to be trapped in pregnancy hell while living in Asia! I want the Tropical beach holidays, meeting new people, gorgeous food, and I want to enjoy all that without knowing whatever I eat or drink will be re-experienced within a 24hr window!

I don’t want to be too exhausted to go out and socialise.

I don’t want to be too big to play with Thea while Daddy works.

I don’t want to be too sick to work on my projects. I’ll need every faculty in full functioning order to pull off keeping my business afloat and working for my Ma & Pa while I’m away!

Actually being pregnant during the next year sounds like a pretty poor plan all things considered.

So it’s back to fun times without an agenda in our bedroom from now. Massive relief!


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