X Rays and sunshine

The sun came out today. After the wettest winter since records began the sun finally came out and properly shined.

Some jokers on FB shared photos of it with captions like “UFO spotted” and “anyone know what this is?” Ho ho ho, it never gets old…

Unfortunately I didn’t really get to enjoy it cause I had a million errands to run starting with a trip to the dr.

While I was “training” for my snowboarding trip on the skiplex in Chiswick (essentially a dry-ski slope treadmill) I had quite a nasty fall on my knee the day before I went. It was bloody painful and I decided to go home early in case I did any more damage.

Off I went on my ski holiday, had an amazing time but I was conscious of my knee the whole time. I was well protected with knee pads and the like but I couldn’t really let myself go!

By the end of the week my knee was puffy and painful but I could walk on it and it didn’t really bother me unless I was kneeling on it at a certain angle. Then I’d feel about ready to vomit, it felt like someone had just stabbed me!

It’s a month since then and the knee is still uncomfortable so I thought I’d better get to the doctors.

Getting an appointment with my GP is almost exactly like getting tickets to Glastonbury – you have to start calling at exactly 8.30am and keep hitting redial until you get through. Chuck and I both dialled in on Wednesday morning to up our odds.

I was lucky! So at 9.30am I found myself with Dr Cowen who I am pretty sure muttered something about me having old maids knees but he was concerned enough to pack me off for an X-ray.

I now have to wait 5 days for the verdict!


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