Trying for a baby

So I’ve been a bit more diligent with my temperature taking and peeing on the ovulation sticks each morning.

I’ve been adhering to Fertility Friends best estimate at when I might ovulate and taking the necessary steps to get knocked up again… Which has actually been really fun.

Yeah, pretty shocking, but it’s taken me 18/19 months to properly get back into the swing of things – but there’s been quite a lot of stress with Chuck’s applications, running my own business, managing the house, bringing up Thea. It’s slipped quite far down my list of priorities and has, for a year and a half, been regularly passed over in favour of an early night or even more precious lie-in.

But this month, I feel like I’m back in the game (not “back on the game” which was one of Chuck’s earlier English-speaking errors).

Take this morning as an example.

I got up, peed on my stick, took my temperature and went to get Thea up. But by the time I’d changed her nappy a neat little smiley face appeared on my stick!! This is the first time this has happened and, as I mentioned, my sticks are technically out of date so I wasn’t even sure it would still be able to detect ovulation!

But there it was, grinning at me.

So if there was ever an auspicious time to be attempting to create new life presumably it would have been now!

I made Thea’s breakfast, strapped her into the high chair, popped on CBeebies and went to wake Chuck up… in surely the best way ever!

After redefining the word “quickie” (you have to when you’ve left a toddler with a bowl of weetabix) Chuck handed me a pillow to pop under my hips and reappeared a few minutes later with a cuppa -bless him!

“Are you sure your not just making this up to get a shag and a lie in with a cup of tea?”

I wasn’t but that actually seems like a fantastic ploy! I wonder if I could get breakfast in bed too…




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