Toddler white diarrhoea poo

Ewwwewwewwwww this is one the nastiest parts of being a parent. You become literally obsessed by your offsprings poo.

Today we have had white diarrhoea. And what is the first thing you do when your toddler has a new and surprising bowel movement? Why, you get straight on to Google to fill yourself with horror and dread, of course!

This evening I have learned that Thea probably has pancreatic cancer, jaundice, liver failure, gall stones or some kind of blockage preventing her from absorbing fat…

Given she has no other symptoms and is totally happy, has no temperature and is not in any pain I haven’t rushed to A&E. Instead I called NHS 111 which might be my new favourite public service.

You used to have to speak to a triage person/call handler and then wait around for a few hours until someone who knew a bit about health called you back to tell you to go straight to an NHS walk-in clinic. This time it was much better! I still spoke to the call handler lady (who was lovely) and she passed me straight over to a nurse who read the info the other lady had taken, asked a few more questions and then gave me advice. Amazing.

He told me to monitor Thea and see if her poo turns back to normal colour within the next 48hrs and if not take her to the doctor but in the meantime she just needs fluids to replace anything lost in the bouts of diarrhoea and a simple diet without fat.

I had taken Thea off dairy as a precaution anyway… Thanks Google, turns out you’re not completely without use.

The trouble is she’s not eating at the moment either. This all began three or four days ago when I discovered she was constipated. I gave her a spoonful of Lactalose (baby laxative) – she’s meant to have two a day but I thought one would be enough and sure enough I was right.

She had one normal poo and then a few hours later an explosion of white diarrhoea that looked like bird poo and sand!

Today her childminders told us she’d had another “bird poo”…

She stopped eating on Sunday after a huge meal Saturday night but has been drinking like it’s going out of fashion.

She hasn’t got a temperature and she doesn’t seem unwell so I guess I’ll just watch her and take her to the docs if these pale explosions keep happening.

It’s so frustrating not knowing what’s wrong!!

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