Cling on

I think regret might be too strong a word but perhaps lament might be appropriate here… Since I’ve come back from my holiday I’ve not been able to take so much as a wee without Thea stuck to me, wailing “muuummmmm-meeeee”

This is my punishment for going Thea-free for one week. She’s not letting me off lightly. Such “awful, cruel, abandonment” must be properly addressed apparently.

Though she spent a pleasant week wearing her paternal grandparents out and becoming the worlds biggest daddy’s girl, she’s decided that I can’t be allowed out of her sight now that I’m back just in case I disappear again.

It’s tiring. She cries a lot and clings to me a lot and even when she’s distracted by something it’s moments before she’s looking about, visibly aghast, fearful that mummy has left her!!!

Worse still, each time we Skype she now cries when she sees her Bà and Ông (That’s Vietnamese for grandmother and grandfather) because in her head that means we’re leaving her again and it’s the same with her Tata Lynne which is a but heartbreaking!

Hopefully it’s just a phase.

In fact upon canvassing my friends with similar aged babies, as well as a fairly extensive peruse of the online forums, I’ve actually concluded that 19 months is quite a typical time for the clinging to really ramp up a gear and it is indeed just something to ride out.

So I essentially chose just about the worst time to go away! Coincided my solo trip with the very time in Thea’s life where she was naturally scared of being abandoned… and no amount if FaceTime could convince her u was safe, well and, more importantly, coming back soon!


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