The best guess

Ok, I’m putting it out there… Today, I thought I felt pregnant.

Now that I’m typing it out for all to see I’m not sure again. I’m sure this has more to do with not wanting to look silly or be too disappointed if it turns out I’m not.

I probably won’t be now I’ve said it “out loud”, or as out loud as you can get via the medium of a web-based blog, but I wanted it recorded so I could look back and remember that feeling whatever the outcome.

Loads of people told me they knew they were pregnant before they found out but I knew I wasn’t last time… Except of course I was so clearly I know nothing and my feminine intuition is about as reliable as phone signal in the countryside.

I’d like to go on record and say that today I knew I was pregnant.

And we’ll just have to see from here whether I was right or wrong. My Fertility Friend App says I’m due on this Sunday so I’ll give it a while before testing. As I said, I’m less sure now that I’m all snug on the sofa so potentially the “Your Pregnant!!” thoughts that popped into my head today could quite easily have been my minds last ditch attempt to get me to slow down and get off the mountain! I was feeling quite tired and a bit sick (nothing to do with alcohol, I hasten to add) but my top speed recorded at 46km per hour so I don’t think I was taking it easy – if that was the ploy all along then congrats brain, between you and the cut up slopes of Chatel you slowed me right down to 30kph.

Glad to be home in one piece… Especially if I’m pregnant. Which I am. Maybe. Or not…

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