Snowboarding a bit

Oh I’ve missed this. I love the feeling of flying down the snowy slopes feeling completely in control of my board.

Unfortunately I only have three days of this when my bruised knee gives in and I’m forced to take a day off.

I guess it’s not that bad as I intended to have a morning lie in at some point but as I slept so badly I haven’t even had that yet. I did go out this morning but one run and I slammed into the ground and realised I was probably doing more harm than good in trying to keep going on an obviously damaged knee.

So here I am, sulking, in our tiny room watching the snow fall and trying to learn my scripts for next week’s classes.

My shoulders and neck are frozen solid – not from cold but through muscle tension so I’ve made myself a makeshift hot compress from a ski sock filled with uncooked rice grains, microwaved and tied with an elastic band! It’s working really well. I also have a homemade cold compress – a ziplock bag filled with fresh snow.

I brought a selection of ziplock bags after watching a Bear Grylls episode where the survivor was trapped on the mountains. Bear used the ziplock bag to carry water or to melt snow so it could be drunk later. He even weed into it and used it as a heat source – I prefer my rice sock!!

He also made fire with a battery and a strip of metallic chewing gum paper so guess who also has those in her pocket – just in case?! Ha ha pathetic isn’t it! I’m so afraid of getting stuck on the mountain and accidentally falling off piste that I’m prepared for any eventuality… Bear Grylls style. My snowboarding buddy Lucy asked why I hadn’t just packed a flask and a lighter and I realised the thought hadn’t even occurred to me!

The thing I really hate is going slowly down packed slopes with deadly drops to one or, worse still, both sides! I invariably fall over.

I don’t recall being this nervous previously. In fact the only time I can remember feeling anything similar was when I got the fear cycling to work when I became pregnant with Thea. It’s an encouraging sign. I might be pregnant after all… Which probably means I should be feeling quite bad about getting so drunk on Sunday.

I’m monitoring my temperature still – nothing to report there. I’m spotty still and I was last time so could be a sign (either of impending period or an impending baby!!). I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep and that seems familiar but I could equally put that down to being in general agony from over exerting myself on the mountain for four days!

I’ll keep you posted but for now back to Old MacDonald and chocolat chaud.



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