Missed it!

After deciding we’d start trying for number 2 in January, Chuck and I have semi-enthusiastically embraced the task in hand.

It’s not like there’s a wealth of opportunity with an 18-month old yelling “Daddy, Mummy” from dawn and both of us being almost totally consumed with our work projects – mine is actually work, Chuck is MBA applications. Still we’ve made time but I think we missed the crucial day this month…

You’ll have to forgive us for being a bit naff at this whole ‘trying to have a baby’ malarkey. We didn’t try last time. It just happened more as less as we decided to try – before, even!

So we’re new to all this. I’m taking my temperature every morning as I used to do to prevent pregnancy and I’m even using those little ovulation pee sticks. I had a bunch sent to me for free while I was still working as a journalist but was pregnant before I even cracked the packaging open.

However they are out of date now so probably not the most reliable source of information.

Also for a week, I lost my basal thermometer so was relying on Thea’s digital behind-the-ear thermometer which again… probably isn’t the most reliable.

Nevertheless, true to form, my assumption that we’ve missed the boat is based almost entirely on these indicators. I’ve not seen a ovulation smiley face on my sticks since I started testing (a bit later than I should have cause I forgot we had them) and my chart says the day I ovulated was not one when Chuck and I… No need to spell it out, I’m sure.

So if my rubbish data is to be believed I shouldn’t be pregnant. I’ll add my personal experience to that because I feel totally normal. Not even a shred pregnant. Although if I was, it would only be 5 days so again… More rubbish data.

I’ll keep you posted. This was always supposed to be a blog about getting pregnant and it’s hardly my fault I started it already pregnant – I had no idea!! But this time, you would think that I would have a better idea about it. We’ll see…

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