Christmas with the Choune

The Choune is Thea’s current most used nickname. We use loads of different names other than her actual name…

The Chubb (she’s not in the least bit chubby), The Chop, Thea pie, Plum, Plum Pie, Sugarplum, Thea Choune, Chouquette, Choupette… Sometimes I even call her Alethea-Eve – I’m not convinced she knows who I’m referring to when I do though!

It’s about to be The Choune’s second Christmas. She is so far unimpressed. She doesn’t care about the Christmas Tree I so lovingly decorated in her honour. She removed a few baubles and handed them back to me but it was a half-hearted effort.

She doesn’t care about the presents under the tree. She hasn’t tried to open them.

She doesn’t care about brightly lit houses or flashing fairy lights.

What she has been impressed with is a dancing Moo cow Santa which sings “Deck the halls” in moos and jigs about. It’s hilarious. It cost me £13 and I’m not usually one for Novelty tat but I just had to get this. I’ve actually had to buy two as Thea’s enthusiasm for the first one saw it’s legs broken 😦

She’s also loving spending so much time with Mummy and Daddy. We took her to the Science Museum last week as Chuck had some days off to use up. It was wonderful. She utterly loved pelting about pushing buttons and getting involved in all the play zones.

I loved it too! It’s just awesome getting to hang out as a family. Nothing makes me happier.


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