The latest on the little lady

My baby girl is all grown up… At least that’s what my childminder told me when I arrived to pick Thea up.

Sharon: “Thea’s a different child today”
Me: “Eeek! In a bad way??” [imaging all sorts of squabbles, fights and general tantrum throwing she normally reserves for home]
Sharon: “No in an ah-may-zin way” (She’s welsh!)

She’s absolutely right. I got Thea home and had a conversation with her. I asked her questions and she told me yes or no!

She’s 17-months and she started using yes and no properly at the end of last week. It’s awesome.

This isn’t the only leap.

Walking to running
Thea began walking near 14 months, getting herself up and throwing herself back onto her bottom. Now she hurtles everywhere. She prefers to run – straight, no matter what object is in the way she just ploughs straight through.

Thumb sucker
She’s given up sucking her thumb and Moo Moo. We actually lost Moo Moo but she never seemed to miss him and she’s still polite but not passionate about his near identical replacement.

Mini Mariah
She sings French songs with her Daddy, attempting to say the real words but really only matching the tune and she’ll even do the hand movements.

She signs eat, frog, bird, drink, milk and rabbit.

What does the fox say?
She knows that a lion goes roar and un lion (lee-on – French) dise Raaaaa. She also knows chat (miaow) et chien (waf waf). Thanks to Glee and Youtube she has a pretty good idea of the fox noise too.

Petite “Picasso”
She can draw relatively straight lines. She prefers these to squiggles or circles.

She knows where the circle goes into the shape sorter but still struggles with the rest.

She stays “Stop!” When she doesn’t like something.

She uses her fork, says please and thank you.

There’s more but that’ll do for now. I’m exhausted keeping up with all these changes!

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