Pregnant again?!!

I’m writing this without any real intention of posting it just yet because it’s come to my attention that some of my friends read my blog.

Not that I mind, I love it, but this post is about something I don’t want them to know about just yet (sorry guys) but I want to put it down now so I don’t forget how I’m feeling.

I’m thinking I might be pregnant again.

I’m not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand it would be amazing. I definitely want another child but, and these are undeniably selfish reasons, I’ve just booked a weeks snowboarding holiday in Feb and I really need to concentrate on my business! If I’m honest I was thinking I might like to have another baby when Thea turns three not two.

The thing is I knew there was a chance I could get pregnant but I didn’t care and I was also working on the assumption that it couldn’t possibly be that easy twice in a row.

Still I might not be but the reasons I think I am are:

>no symptoms of impending period
>random bout of sickness
>frequent weeing
>absolute exhaustion/nervous energy & sleeplessness
>I thought I felt “implantation pains” early on this month
>my temp chart is suspiciously warm…
>and my shoulders are like rocks! I distinctly remember being so tight in my upper back last time that I honestly thought I had an ectopic pregnancy! Turned out to be a hangover… I didn’t know!!! No judging!!

Then again, this isn’t the first time I’ve convinced myself I had another baby on board. I did a couple of months ago too but that turned out to be regular Ol’ period symptoms.

I probably wouldn’t have minded so much in August though. Now I’m slightly more concerned. It would be incredible news if it’s true and I’ll be delighted but I reckon I would still go snowboarding…

I’d just take it easy. I’d be in my second trimester with a shed load of energy and vigour. The first time I went snowboarding I was with a lovely girl who was also pregnant. Her baby is now six!

I think it’ll be ok…

Oh bollox, it wouldn’t be. I couldn’t live with the guilt if anything happened. I’d have to cancel… Damn, I hope I’m not pregnant!!

If I am pregnant I’m going to keep it on the down low until 12weeks – even from Chuck because he has enough on his plate with the applications and all.


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