Not pregnant again… I don’t think…

I’ve changed my mind (in the 12 and a half hours that I wrote my last post).

I’m now lying in bed with what feel like definite period cramps. Perhaps a little higher than usual and following a particularly wind-inducing bean chilli dinner, but never the less uncomfortable around the midriff, which indicates my Girls are on their way.

I reckon I’ll be surfing the crimson wave by the morning.

Don’t mind either way to be honest. It’s easy to be apathetic when there’s positives to whatever outcome. If I am pregnant, this is going to sound so cold isn’t it. Whoops. If you are reading this, years in the future and you happen to be my second daughter or my first son, then I promise I loved you from the start and would totally rather have you than a snowboarding holiday!!

…although if you turn out to have teenage years like your aunt Lily then I may have to revise that statement 😉

Anyway. I’m not pregnant so it’s a moot point.

Periods suck.

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