Lost comforter (part II)

Firstly a little update.

We called the supermarket for news of Moo Moo later that evening from the wedding we were at. Walking round the grounds of a stunning chateau being put on hold and transferred around the Carre Four telephone system like a pinball!

We didn’t give up! Fifteen minutes of hold music and re-try’s we eventually got through to lost and found.

The woman on the phone went to look for the “rag with a cow head”… We waited…

“Oui, nous avons cette petite vache mais je suis désolée elle est pas prop”

They had him!!! He’d been saved!!!! We literally danced in the garden, hugged and ordered more champagne!!

Chuck told the girl on the phone that she’d made one little girl very happy (not to mention her parents). We explained that in fact Moo Moo was not “prop” (clean) to begin with. In fact he was disgusting but it didn’t matter to Thea. She loves him whatever he smells like (disgusting).

Best. News. Ever.


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