Lost comforter

The worst thing has happened.

We have lost Moo Moo.

Thea had him in the buggy while we shopped at Carfour and now he’s gone. To be fair, she has been known to jet him from the pushchair at random intervals – when she’s tired they have something of a love hate relationship.

We only realised when we got back to Chuck’s aunt’s house so we left Thea with her Tata Lynne and went back.

Chuck and I both raced around the aisles desperately searching for him but unfortunately he was nowhere to be found.

This is an absolute monumental disaster.

We do have Fake Moo Moo who is identical to Real Moo Moo but… she knows! Somehow she knows!! She throws the imposter across the room when she goes to snuggle him and realises he’s not her real Moo Moo.

There’s nothing we can do now though. Fake Moo Moo will have to step up the plate. It’s his time to shine.

I just hope Real Moo Moo finds a good home. I still get nightmares about the Night Before Christmas. Lost toys make me really sad.

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