How much do baby shoes cost?!

So last week I went on a shoe-buying spree for Thea.

I thought I’d go into Clarks, get something suitable and, given that she’ll have outgrown them in a month, that it wouldn’t cost too much.


I was horrified by the price of baby shoes! They’re upwards of £15 a pair!! And that’s not even top quality. That’s your standard baby shoe.

They really go in for the guilt about getting well fitting shoes from the off too. It’s like your a terrible parent unless you’re in Start Right getting your child’s tiny feet specially measured by length and width so that the shoe is a perfect fit.

Well as a woman who wore Start Right well-fitting shoes her entire childhood, I am pretty sure that it does not make a difference to how your feet turn out.
Sure don’t wear too tight or too lose shoes for too long, that’s not gonna help you out, but a reasonable fit will see you right if your not planning on running a marathon or trekking the Himalayas in them.

My feet, despite the expensive, supposedly “good for me” footwear, look as though they’ve been tortured.

What did all those years of perfectly fitting, extra wide, super supportive, t-bar shoes get me?

Collapsed arches, high instep, toe’s that don’t work, the beginnings of toe-bunions on my pinkies… My little toe nails are virtually extinct! And that’s before we even start on the shoe-based teasing and bullying by my less-“healthy” shoed peers.

My feet had so much “wriggle room”, thanks to the infant “width system” that they spread and are now super-bloody-wide – I’m a 6 with a width measurement of H! It all but prohibits me from wearing beautifully elegant sandals and other slim-line footwear as all adult shoes are one-width-fits-all.

Un fact that’s The reason quite a bit of the damage has been done subsequently (with platform knee highs, spike stilletos, peep-toes, stacked trainers and tight strappy numbers) but I still blame those early shoes.

Just think, if I’d been squeezed into a pair of mini heeled Magic Steps in Primary School like I wanted, my feet might be deformed in a good/thinner way and I might be able to wear the adult equivalent of Magic Step now (surely the adult equivalent is a Jimmy Choo, right? Although it is sadly lacking the mystical key inset into the sole. Shame.) Instead I’m more likely to be seen pacing about the Shire with Bilbo and his friends!

Now I’m not suggesting that I’d deliberately put Thea into I’ll fitting footwear but what I am saying is that I’m not going to get hung up on having “the best shoe ever”.

So instead of Start Right, I headed to Fara Baby charity shop and bought a couple of pairs of second hand, cute little shoes. £3.00 each – very nice.

Then I headed over to Mothercare who were having a closing down sale! 50% off everything that was already discounted! Woo hoo!! I got 9 pairs of shoes including cute trainers in every size from 2 to 5, 2 different sorts of beautiful snow boots and a couple of croc style sandals as well as 12 pairs of socks and I spent £20!

Marvellous. That is more like it. The 2s fit her perfectly at the mo and she’s super happy toddling about in them now. Although she has scuffed the toe to smithereens because she still prefers crawling. Sigh.

Still at least I didn’t spend £15 on shoes that it took The Chub, 3 minutes to spoil.


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