15 months – Walking

I have an incredibly grumpy baby. Previously I put it down to us moving house and her feeling unsettled but my latest excuse is that she’s frustrated by her walking skill.

In short, she’s not very good.

Bless her though, she’s trying… Sporadically. Most of the time she prefers to crawl or stand up and plop back down on her bum. She seems to enjoy that.

I try and help her as much as possible though. I do finger walking with her (giving her my fingers to hold while she totters about) and one hand walking (she holds on to one of my hands and waves her other arm about as she tries to balance each step). I encourage her, praise her, don’t make a scene when she falls (except for last week of course).

She took her first solo steps the week we moved house and I missed it. It was Saturday 7th September 2013 at about 4pm. She walked between her Aunty Lynne and her friend Johnny from Oz! My mum was also there but me and Chuck didn’t see it!!

Since then she’s taken the odd step but mainly tottered and fallen. This week there’s been a vast improvement. Over the weekend she took about six faltering steps between furniture, today she’s managed about 11 steps and is more determined to get back up and try again when she falls.

I’m so unbelievably proud. I even bought her a selection of gorgeous shoes and boots.

Weirdly she seems to enjoy walk practice the most after bath time and when Daddy gets home. She likes showing off.

But, as I said before, she’s become a very grumpy baby. She cries and moans all the time, imperiously pointing at things she wants (but invariably isn’t allowed – wine, hot tea, frying pan currently being used to cook eggs – no the empty cold one already on the floor won’t do!! Waaaaaa)

Sometimes she doesn’t even point, she just clings to my legs, whinging until i pick her up and doesn’t want to be put down again.

I’m worried I’m not paying her enough attention. I’ve decided to buy Gina Ford’s Contented Little Toddler Book – Gina will help me through!

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