baby pneumonia

Baby Pneumonia

So it turns out The Chub actually had baby pneumonia!!! I only found this out as our doctor casually let it slip in our follow up appointment three days after our night in A&E.

Thea had been sent to A&E after her cold/flu symptoms got worse – fever, chesty cough, very unwell, total loss of appetite, weak, achey, very tired, vomiting and diarrhoea.

All these are symptoms are consistent with baby pneumonia but then they’re also consistent with baby flu and just about every other baby illness out there. I had no idea Thea had baby pneumonia, none! The doctor had mentioned bronchitis and the A&E dept hadn’t given any sort of label – they stuck with viral and bacteria infection (which covers pretty much every illness ever as I understand it?)

I was quite shocked when I found out and I was so so relieved that we’d gone to A&E. I’m not the sort of mum who goes to the doctors for every sniffle. I don’t panic over Thea’s health in general but in my commitment to not “over-reacting”, I sometimes run the risk of not reacting enough!!

It’s fine line!

Anyway on this occasion it was a good thing I went. Thea pie has made a full recovery and is getting her strength back every day.

I just love her. I actually kinda want to go and cuddle her right now but it’s midnight and she’s asleep. I can’t wait to see her again tomorrow!!



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