Baby Malaria

We’ve had a bit of an ordeal here since coming back from Vietnam.

We spent five days in Ho Chi Minh City after our idyllic eleven days in Thailand and it was tiring! We were there for a wedding so it was hardly a leisurely time – Viet weddings are hardcore and this one was particularly full on.

A full day of ceremonies and virtually in-edible food (if your constitution is as a weak and pathetic as mine or you are only 13-months old) starting at 7am!

And that was two days in a row too. The second day involved a two and half hour coach trip there and back. Not fun with the chub in tow. The music was so deafening at that reception I had to spend all night outside the venue tag teaming with Chuck whenever a new course came out and then I only managed to eat a bowl of rice and a cold deep fried crab. I guess it’s not the norm to come to a wedding with a baby so they just hadn’t considered how we would cope or what we would do. The waiters couldn’t even bring us hot water to hear Thea’s bottle.

Anyway all the looooong ancestor ceremonies and the even looooooooooonger catholic ceremony and the crazy reception with the hired bridesmaids and groomsmen and their “dancing” performance, the fireworks, the enormous eight tier cake and tower of champagne flutes spewing forth dry-ice, and the questionable singer wailing Dancing Queen at the top of her lungs, even the fact that for almost two hours we listened to Everything I Do, Empire State of Mind, Falling Into You and I’ll Stand By You on repeat as it was the only songs they had – it’s all irrelevant to this blog…

The actual ordeal has been since we returned.

Friday night, Thea pie has a cough. She rarely gets ill so I give her cuddle and assume she’ll be fine.

Saturday, I leave Thea with my mum to get on with work and I get a message at midday saying Thea has a cold.

Saturday night, she’s not a happy bunny, wakes up sweating and sobbing and won’t be put down so spends the rest of the night in bed with me.

Sunday, she gets progressively worse. Fever, aches, diarrhoea, runny nose, cough, runny eyes. She’s off her food and what she does eat, she vomits all over my sister Lily.

At this point I’ve had a major panic! Thea’s showing all the signs of Malaria! I was sure she wasn’t bitten but you never know!!!

The doctor I speak to at Harmony Urgent Care assures me it’s just flu but then he says Malaria has a really short incubation period… but I’ve just read on the NHS website it’s ten days to 4 weeks before symptoms show up!!! Doesn’t inspire much confidence.

She seems to respond to Calpol so I go to work and my mum gives Thea a three hour nap which seems to help too.

Thea is still grizzly, tearful and clingy in the afternoon and I’m a bit scared!!

Monday and we took her to the doctors today and he confirmed that it’s probably just a cold but it scares you so much when your little one is ill!!!

The poor little thing is still off her food and ever so clingy but at least the fever has broken.

I will keep you posted! Xx


4 thoughts on “Baby Malaria

  1. Hey I accidentally found your blog when searching for BBT chart. I’m TTCing and reading your experience from the beginning was unbelievably amazing. I started from Oct 2011 and read until the little Thea was born.
    Thanks for sharing your experience. hope your little sunshine got better by now.

    • Ahh thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and found it useful too 🙂 Thea is much better now thank you, I’m just about to write the up date. Good luck with everything!!! Do let me know how you get on. X

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