Koh Phangan with a baby

We’re in Koh Phangnan!
Fortunately we missed the full moon party by a couple of days so the island is nice and quiet. Perfect for boring parents like me and Chuck.

I’ll tell you more about Koh Phangan but first a little about a trip over from Koh Tao. Or if you don’t care you can skip this part…

We arrived on Koh Phangan yesterday afternoon after an eventful ferry trip.

Eventful for me that is. Chuck and Thea slept pretty much the whole journey were as I struggled to jig Thea to sleep in my lap as she was over tired and when I finally did get her down I had to spend 10 mins in my chair with her draped across my lap to make absolutely sure she was asleep!

All the while I was feeling sicker and sicker… I got a sleeping Thea into her pushchair and practically ran for the loo. Vomited comprehensively. Picked up the hose thingy you’re meant to use to spray your bum clean after going and BAAAAMMMM the head flies off and water cannons out of the hose all over me, soaking my dress, my hair and spraying the entire toilet cubicle like a ridiculous out-of-control cartoon hosepipe! I run out screeching and point frantically at the toilet to the staff and they peer in (hosepipe still going nuts) and burst out laughing. Bastards. I try and join in. Feel mortified though.

I spend a few minutes on the upper deck thinking the breeze and sunshine might dry me off but the sea spray just makes me wetter and everyone is starring at me so I slink back to my seat. I have a spare slightly damp but not soaked dress in my bag so I do a Mr. Bean-esque striptease and wriggle into it pulling my sodden (brand-new) dress off underneath. Chuck wakes up and takes in my dishevelled, cat in a storm look, raises an enquiring eyebrow and I say “a bad thing happened”… He hasn’t even noticed the change of dress.

OK so we’re staying at the frankly gorgeous Le Divine Comedie bungalows in Baam Tai. The accommodation is stunning, all rendered, undulating, curved walls like the inside of a terracotta pot. Our little bungalow has a roof terrace with it’s own hammock and view out over the bay. It’s incredible.

It also has a sensational shower. I have never come across such strong pressure with such abundant, scorching hot water. It could stop wars.

The Chub has been given her own lovely travel cot to sleep in but once again she has chosen to remain in her buggy. She goes mental if we try and put her in the travel cot.

I feel bad that our daughter is strapped in night after night but she seems to like it?

Le Divine Comedie isn’t particularly baby-friendly in design. The bed is on a raised platform that Thea keeps climbing the steps up to. She then attempts to throw herself off. Eeek! It’s only about 1/2 metre of the ground but still enough to injure a one-year old base jumper. There’s no bath so we’re using the sink which she just about fits into.

The pool is beautiful but there’s not really a shallow end and again it’s probably best to have a baby float rubber ring with you to get the most out of it. And finally the beach here is a bit grubby – I probably won’t let Thea in the water here but older kids might be ok. In the mornings the tide is quite far out and it looks much better in late afternoon.

We took her to a bay in the North of the island today. Koh Ma is a bit like Koh Nanguan in that it’s a smaller island linked by a sand bar. Thea loves grubbing about naked on the beach, trying to eat coral, sand and any other grot she finds lying about.

Chuck built her a little “water hole” on the shore line to play in. She “helped” by pulling down all the edges and sampling handfuls of sand off the bottom!

The trouble with Koh Phangan is that it’s a lot bigger than Koh Tao and while that means better roads, it also means Thea falls asleep on most journeys. She lasts all of ten minutes (the time it takes to get anywhere on Tao) before her head tips back and she’s out for the count. Our Ergo Baby sling has a hood so we pop that on to support her head but this moped napping is messing up her daily routine.

On the plus side there are some seriously cute baby clothes for sale and everyone we’ve met are all so nice! The Thai’s LOVE babies too.


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