Koh Tao with a baby (II)

Ahh bliss, a routine has been established. Alas it’s not Thea’s but it’s a good second best.

I’m lazing in bed after a little lie in and Chuck has taken Thea to get breakfast because it’s his turn to do the “morning shift”.

He did the night shift yesterday as Thea re-woke at 10pm and wanted to play until midnight and then it was up to him to deal with her through the night.

She woke up at 6.30am yesterday so I also had a bum deal but I took her put to allow Chuck some much needed catch up sleep for three hours. Lucky Chuck.

Today was easier, Thea got up at 7.30am and aggravatingly Chuck refused to get up as he wanted her (read him) to get a bit more sleep!! I was livid. She’s strapped in, probably thirsty and he wants to wait until she’s screaming to go to her! I got in a huff and got up, picked her up and started making her bottle. Chuck sheepishly joined us a few minutes later and has now left for breakfast and I am back in bed. Yay!

Babysitter on Koh Tao
I have to say he did get the raw end of the deal because last night we went out! We managed to find a babysitter on Koh Tao and we left Thea with her at the villa. She’s a lovely English woman called Lauren and she looked after Thea during the day first at the beginning of the week then yesterday evening from 7-12am.

We had a wonderful meal… and talked about Thea. We walked along the beach… and talked about Thea. We had foot massages overlooking the lights of the bars along the cove and the dark waves… talked a bit more about Thea. And finally had cocktails at Tank and looked at some photos of her. I’m sure most parents do this in the early days. Still it’s a bit embarrassing.

As Chuck put it: you spend all day thinking “oh if it was just the two of us we could…” Only to find when it is just the two of you, your thinking “ohh if The Chop was here she’d love…”

Still it was lovely to have a night to ourselves. When we got back Thea was awake but very happily playing with Lauren. She’d gone to bed at 7pm but had woken at 9pm and stayed up, merrily playing. This seems to be her idea of a routine at the mo.

It was my turn to do night shift last night so I strapped her into the buggy as Chuck went to bed all smug. Then I woke up 2hours later on the couch and Thea was fast asleep in the pram. We both must have gone straight down.

I moved to the bed leaving Thea in the living room with the connecting door open to allow the air com through and I didn’t hear another peep from her until I woke at 7.30! Amazing work Thea.

And now – I fully intend to get another hours sleep. Lauren from Koh Tao childcare is coming at 11am and Chuck and I are going to have massages and go snorkelling. Yay! I love holidays.

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