Thailand with a baby

I’m writing this from a lovely, comfy, low bed with crisp white bed linen. Above me the ceiling fan is whirring gently and the air con is pumping out a steady 22degrees and I have that weird sensation of having cool skin but warm insides… A bit like being microwaved I

We’re in Thailand. To be more specific, we’re on the island of Koh Samui. We arrived last night after an epic 16 hours of travel time – 12hours to Singapore, 3 hours stop over and 1 hour to Koh Samui.

Thea was AMAZING! Thankfully we flew at night so after about half an hour of wriggling and being a tiny bit grizzly she passed out on me and slept for 9 hours of the flight. She woke, had breakfast and a bottle (SMA do travel bottles that you just heat, open and attach a teat to. Genius!) then went back to sleep for a further hour and woke again as we arrived in Singapore. We were the only couple with a baby who didn’t get a bassinet and Thea was hands down the easiest little one on the flight. So proud! We got in a pre-emptive apology to the unfortunate woman who had to sit next to us but it turned out to be unnecessary!

Thea made the most of her freedom in the beautifully clean Singapore airport and – as if she has some kind of internal divining – even managed to find some gravel to play with/try to eat.

By the time we got on our connecting Bangkok airline’s flight to Koh Samui she was ready for another nap.

It couldn’t really have worked put better!

Despite it being a confusing 7hours ahead here, we managed to put Thea down for a sleep at 11pm and she is still fast asleep now that it’s 7am!

I’m giving her a little lay in until 8am and then I’m going to wake her (and Chuck, gently snoring beside me as I type) to try and get her body clock onto Thai time.

I’m so excited!!! We’re off to Koh Tao today and the real holiday can begin.

What to pack for a baby on holiday
Packing for this holiday was an experience! We took a large suitcase each but both are half dedicated to Thea!

In my suitcase there are 19x Ella’s Kitchen and Plum pouches stage 1 – the fruity ones, 19x Ella’s stage 2 pouches – great for lunches on the go, Thea just sucks out the contents, 19x Ella’s stage 3 pouches – dinner!, a baby bowl, sippy cup and spoon.

In Chuck’s suitcase is 2x tubs of Hipp follow on formula and a travel kettle, 56 nappies, wipes, SMA ready-made milk bottles, baby swimming ring, and a pop-up baby bed/beach tent.

Plus we have the Bugaboo Bee and Maxi Cosi car seat and two rather large hand luggages containing a pop-up flap book that Thea loves, her current favourite toy – a torch thing which sings in French, more nappies, enough Ella’s pouches and SMA bottles for the journey, a fleece blanket, Calpol and Baby Nurofen, a muslin, bib, travel chair strap (turns any chair into a baby safe seat) and several changes of clothes!

It’s quite an undertaking! We had 2kg spare of our allowance between us.

At Heathrow the customs/security dude made me taste one pouch, the water in the sippy cup and one bottle of SMA. He was understanding about that as he knew it would go off in two hours but fortunately it was time for Thea to have it anyway!

The 150ml liquid restrictions aren’t the same for baby food and drink so they just make you taste it in front of them – presumably to prove it’s not some toxic, bomb-related ingredient.

One of the officials was a bit grumpy at Heathrow but he was the last unfriendly person we saw. I have nothing but good things to say about the BA staff on our first flight, everyone we came across in Singapore were lovely – even the apologetic customs security dude who asked, ever so politely, if we wouldn’t mind finishing our water bottles before going through the waiting lounge.

And the Bangkok Airlines flight was something else entirely! It was incredible. They were the embodiment of helpful and polite, the seat was comfy and the food was delicious.

Arriving at Koh Samui last night I actually felt rested and like I was already on holiday. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the airport here is beautiful and more like a Kabuki beach hut in a tropical paradise than your typical international concrete block airport. It even had flower lined moats to cross when you arrive on little open sided shuttle buses that wouldn’t be out of place in a olde world tourist attraction.

The whole island smelled sweet and slightly like anti-mosquito scented candles. It was dark when we arrived but the edges of the curtains are telling me it’s officially day now and I absolutely cannot wait to get out there!!

15 minutes to go!!! Thea is just stirring. Love her!!


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