Koh Tao with a baby

The Chub has jet lag.

It’s 12.30am so apparently so do I but it’s worse for her.

She had an early dinner at about 5pm and her bottle at 5.30pm -we popped a sleepy Thea into the pram and by the time we reached our chosen restaurant, all of ten minutes away, she was fast asleep.

Only not so fast asleep that she didn’t feel like getting back up an hour later.

Unfortunately for us, she then freaked out if we tried to put her back to bed.

She feels quite warm to the touch so I’ve administered Baby Nurofen but I think it’s probably just jet lag.

She HATES the crib in our bedroom at The Woodlawn Villas. It’s a pink metal affair on wheels. A bit institutional looking but would have done the job.

Her chosen bed is her pram. I have to strap her in, pop the hood over and only then does she calm down and sleep. The trouble is it’s super warm in the Bugaboo Bee. I still have the footmuff on without the top and it’s fleece lined so she’s all sweaty!

I got a UV sunshade hood last year which is amazing and does provide her with ventilation around the sides but it’s still too hot really. I’ve got the aircon on but even I feel microwaved so the Chub must be roasting. She’d be so much better off in the crib but she goes nuts if I move her.

I can hear her stirring now, sucking her thumb, but she’s strapped in so her tossing and turning is limited. I think she finds that comforting. I tried getting her to sleep with us but she wiggled and cooed and pulled our hair.

I tried In The Night Garden on YouTube but she got excited and kept standing up then plopping down on her bum and laughing.

I tried Inanay – our Hartbeeps lullaby – on repeat and she got up and danced. That’s when I strapped her in. With Inanay on she was at least calm, I tried switching it off and she cried!

It’s off now but only after I was sure she’d gone!

Chuck is typically fast asleep and only surfaced briefly when Thea had her second massive hissy fit at around 10.30pm (we went to bed at 9!!)

That one was because I changed her nappy and tried unsuccessfully to put her down in the cot.

The previous one was my fault, she’d just gone to sleep when I sneezed, startling her and triggering an epic meltdown.

Thea’s not prone to hysterics so that’s why I am putting it down to:

1) Jet lag
2) Chicken pox vaccine
3) Hep A vaccine
4) The heat
5) unfamiliar place

Or all of the above.

I’m sure tomorrow will be better, just got to follow the routine!

Happy holidays

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