Bumped baby’s forehead

Oh. My. God!! Had an absolutely awful mummy moment today.

I was bathing Thea and she was practicing standing up. She loves to do this, I think she enjoys plopping down onto her bottom in the water.

Today, she picked one foot up as if to step, reached out for me wanting the milk I’d put on the side for later, slipped and face planted into the side of the bath.


I picked her up, soaking myself in the process, and she did the silent, mouth open waaaaail, Chuck calls it the “Too much pain to make noise face”. She took a huge, shuddering, breath in and started to sob as a massive, red/purple lump appeared over her right eye!

I felt absolutely horrible!! I comforted her as best I could, got in the bath and gave her her bottle there. She snuggled, calmed down and was back to her usual self within 5 minutes. She’s such a good Chop.

I still feel horrid.

Got straight on Google to see what to do. Fortunately I discovered baby bumps on the forehead are very common and usually nothing to worry about as long as there’s no concussion, unconsciousness, bleeding, unusual behaviour, excessive sleepiness…

I tried to apply an ice pack (thank you NHS) but she wasn’t having that! I managed to get some arnica on it but I’m pretty sure it’ll be an egg tomorrow.

Someone suggested egg white and Hershey’s chocolate applied to the bruised area… I think that might be a step too far.

Watching Thea like a hawk for any unusual signs!

Feel terrible.


3 thoughts on “Bumped baby’s forehead

  1. Our baby had a shaving cream can fall on him in the bath. Hit him on the forehead and made a huge lump. It happened while I was away and I came home to my husband looking super worried and holding an ice pack to it. Baby had cried for a long time and finally fallen asleep. He was just fine, but I know what you mean about feeling terrible. 😦

      • Yeah, no kidding! I find myself trying to figure out how long it will be before I won’t have to worry about him mortally wounding himself and I’m afraid that will be awhile. He’s not a particularly careful boy…. :/

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