MMR jabs

Dooooooom! Today was Thea’s MMR jab.

We went a few weeks back because we’re all going to Thailand and Vietnam and we wanted to make sure The Chop had all the vaccines and immunisation that she needed but in ended up being Chuck and I who got booster jabs.

Thea wasn’t allowed her MMR until she was exactly one year old. Not a moment sooner. No idea why… Doesn’t exactly instil confidence.

I hadn’t had a jab since I got a few done in a walk in clinic the day before I went to India in 2000. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that the actual injections didn’t hurt a bit. One in each arm, tetnus & typhoid, hep A… Something like that. They were fine…

…Until 5 hours later when I could barely change gear in my car such was the heavy pain in my arms. I felt like someone had given me a dead arm, about 29 times in a row!!

Does it hurt babies this much?!!!!

Anyway today Thea had her MMR jabs in her legs and, according to Chuck, she did very well. Chuck was sent with Thea cause I had to work (unlike last time when I sent him purely so he could experience how horrific it is to let someone intentionally inflict pain on your infant!)

Reportedly Thea pulled the “too much pain to scream” silent screw face and then burst into tears and buried herself in his chest. Bless her!

A few seconds later she was fine!

I’ve been worrying about Thea having the MMR since she was born.

I know all the reports on it causing autism were discredited but some still received huge payouts from the makers of the vaccines so it does make you worry. There’s all this anecdotal evidence and so, even though you know you have to have it done, it still freaks you out.

But then the thing is, there’s no evidence that single immunisations are any safer, they haven’t been linked with autism I suppose but then they haven’t not been either if you get my meaning, and even if you wanted to go for that it’d cost you over £200!

Essentially being immunised is a must and if there was a big risk then it would have been stopped… So if there is a risk it must be minimal… Certainly less than the risk of getting M, M or R (measles, mumps and rubella) or the complications if you do get one (or all) of them. Eeek.

Anyway Thea is immunised and now we have to keep her eye on her in case of complications. She might get a fever. But it’s 28 degrees (at 10pm!!) so it’s hard to say. I might go check on her again actually….

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