Teething pain

The poor little chub! She’s having horrible trouble with her new dents.

At least I think that’s it?

In the early days you blame literally every ache, pain, whinge or weirdness on a “growth spurt”. When that excuse runs out, around 9-10months, you look to teething for your one-size fits all scapegoat for all that ails.

Still she’s clinging, whiney and totally not her usual upbeat, cheerful self. Plus she’s got diarrhoea. Of course it could just be a tummy bug or a case of food poisoning but the fact that she has FIVE teeth visibly forcing themselves through the gum line makes me think it’s teething!

Sounds horrific and, in fact, it even looks painful! Two front teeth, an incisor and her two bottom ones. Just a tiny piece of each one is poking out if her red, inflamed little gums. The poor chub.

The treatment is the same either way… Plenty of fluids, baby neurofen and sleep.

I might give her teething crystals tomorrow and pop her amber teething beads back on tomorrow just to cover all bases… Might even get Baby Bonjela if the chemist has it.

I am hoping the worst symptoms abate over the next few days. We are off on hols soon and she has her MMR on Thursday… Doooooom!! I hate Jabs. Sending Chuck with Thea pop as I’m working. Super glad I don’t have to hold her for that one. I already feel bad about it… About the fact that it’ll hurt her, that she won’t understand, that I won’t be there to cuddle her and make it better… Awfulness. I hate jabs.


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