One Year Old!

Thea is one!! The tiny chub has made it 12 whole months and is fast on her way to becoming a toddler.
I actually can’t believe it. On the one hand it’s flown by, like seriously, where on earth has this last year gone? I feel like it was yesterday that I was eating a curry, not fully convinced I was actually even in labour.

Then again, how can it ONLY have been a year? My life is unrecognisable, Thea is unrecognisable. She was like a miniture Mr Burns when she was born and now she’s a beautiful, bouncy, baby girl… not even a baby girl anymore. She looks like a small child now. Eeeek.

As for me, I’ve changed too. It’s not just that I can see my toes again or that I am, 12-months on, finally back in pre-pregnancy jeans. I’m calmer and much happier than I’ve ever been. Sickening isn’t it!

This time last year I was so sure I was going back to work in 6-months. I was in love with my career – I hated the company I worked for but I still had hope that it would get better. It did not take me long to re-evaluate my life and see what was/is really important.

Not just being a good mum to my daughter but also setting an example for her. How could I work for a company that I didn’t feel respected me and still have respect for myself? How could I possibly leave her for that?

Short answer. I couldn’t.

Best of all though, I didn’t care. Handing in my notice was absolutely the best feeling ever.

My life is amazing now and I’m not sure I could have said that if I’d gone back to my old job.

Not that I’m just sitting about eating cake and cuddling my gorgeous baby chop. I’ve actually started my own business! Yep, took the plunge and became a mumprenuer (hate that word, but there it is… on my blog. sigh.)

In December, I bought myself a Hartbeeps franchise. I now run a string of a pretty successful Hartbeeps mum and baby classes across South West London. I can’t really believe it either!

I’ll tell you more in another blog but I’ll say this: “Why, oh why, did I not work for myself sooner?! It is AWESOME!”

Thea’s a fan. Not only does she love Hartbeeps, she loves being my guinea pig for new props and crazy ideas for sessions and most of all she loves having her mummy with her at least three days a week. I do two mornings and one full day and she goes to the best child minder ever.

She’s a happy, thriving, little chub. She’s sociable, eager, interested, curious and utterly delightful.

New things that Thea can do at one year:

> She talks: “Bye bye”, “Uh-oh”, “Hiiii”, “Bien” and “Thea”. Not entirely convinced she knows what any of these words mean but she at least manages “uh-oh” in context.

> She can stand on her own but only for a few seconds. She likes to plop back down onto her bottom.

> She can use a cup. Unfortunately she can only use it to tip water onto her face, down her chin and all over her clothes. Not all of it goes in.

> She can use a spoon. Mainly to flick food across the kitchen but sometimes to shovel food into her mouth. She also tries to scoop with it first. Bless her.

> Walk with only one hand. Not very fast or very steady but getting there.

> Kiss. Big, opened mouthed kisses.

> Clap hands and open them and shut them. Super cute.

Her favourite things in life are:

  • Swimming and bath time
  • Moo moo
  • Mummy and Daddy
  • Being thrown in the air
  • Being dropped onto the bed/bouncy castle
  • Cats – she follows them, shrieking
  • All red fruits but most of all raspberries and dried cranberries
  • Sleep. She can’t get enough. 1hr in the morning, 2hrs at lunch and 12-13hrs at night.

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