11 months: so much has changed

To say that it’s been a while since my last post is something of an understatement!!

It’s been five months since I last wrote.

My darling girl has been through quite a number if changes since she hit the six month mark back in January.

At 7-months or so Thea got really active, commando crawling across the floor and exploring everything.

At 8-months she’d learned to point. Super cute!! And was happy to stand up with our help and take some wobbly steps with us holding on to her.

9-months and her appetite for Yorkshire Puddings and Savoury muffins was insatiable. She had a bit if a growth spurt but she is still mini!

She also decided Moo Moo, the fleece cow cloth, is her favourite toy. He instantly has her rolling about with her thumb in. He’s our secret weapon in getting her to sleep.

10-months we found Thea on her feet clinging to the side of her cot. She cried her eyes out cause she didn’t know how to get down!

She also finally figured out normal crawling but she prefers to Commando.

At 11-months Thea is pulling herself on everything!

She’s started “dancing”: bending her knees and bouncing to the beat. Waving her little arms up and down and slapping her belly.

She’s got her first stub of a tooth on the right bottom! It wasn’t nice while it was coming. The pop cried a lot. Poor little mite.

She’s also starting to cruise and investigates everything.

Thea’s current rosta of nicknames are:
Ickle Pickle Pop
Pickle Shun
Pickle Boon
The Shoon
The Pop
The Chop
Pickle Chop
Thea Shun

She’s a happy baby, she’s so independent and brave. She doesn’t smile an awful lot but she loves singing to herself and laughs lots.

We’re still getting wonderful 12hours of uninterrupted nighttime sleeps but days are a bit more hit and miss (except for 9am nap which is always a hit)

She’s outstanding! I will write more soon. There is just so much to catch up on!!


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